The highest honor of the German brewing industry - awarding during the German brewer's day in Berlin.
OOO "Privatbrauerei Eibau" in Saxony was awarded from the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture the honorable Federal award. The company has achieved one of the best results in testing the quality of DLG beer. About 180 German brewers with more than 1000 Beers took part in the competition, which is rich in traditions. The award ceremony was held in the framework of the German brewer's day on June 5 at the Palace of brewing culture in Berlin. Together with Michael of Stubgen (state Secretary of the Parliament of the Federal Minister of food and agriculture) presented the DLG-Vice-President Dr. Diedrich harms brewers medals and certificates.
DLG-Vice President Dr. didrich harms in his speech praised the overall performance of the factory distinguished Breweries. Federal award winners are part of the twelve best Breweries in Germany, and can be proud of the fact that with such a large number of participants have achieved success as one of the best companies. This is an impressive Testament to the laureates ' consistent commitment to quality, taste and pleasure. “Today, Germany's quality Breweries, including many small and medium-sized Breweries from all over the Federal territory, embody the incredible diversity of our brewing culture and belong to the Elite of Quality”, said Secretary of state of the Parliament Michael Steubgen. The Federal prize is awarded annually to the top 12 Breweries with the best overall performance in testing the quality of DLG beer.
Earlier, during three months, large-scale inspections of the winners beer quality were carried out. During the DLG quality control in the laboratory, the beer is analyzed and microbiological durability is checked. In the analysis of beer experts control, in particular, the content of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide in beer, wort, foam resistance, color and degree of turbidity. In blind tastings, experts assess whether the beer is typical for a particular beer by its smells and taste properties. At the same time, the purity of taste, the quality of bitterness, the fullness and stability of taste during the shelf life and, accordingly, the freshness of beer are evaluated. In addition to verification, the Declaration is monitored.
The DLG quality test is carried out in collaboration with two leading research institutions in the field of brewing, research school of brewing in Berlin, and research center of Wallenstein in quality brewing and food.
Federal honorary award for "Privatbrauerei Eibau" in Saxony: Michael Stuebgen, state Secretary of the Parliament of the Federal Minister of food and agriculture (left), was awarded with the DLG-Vice-President Dr. Diedrich harms (right) the medal and certificate of Julia Böhmer (to the right in the third row) and Michael of Roeland.