Historic beer and traditional train

big beer festival since 1993

History of occurrence

Almost 26 years ago, on August 21, 1993, the 1st Aibauer beer procession took place from the "people's house" of Eibau to Waldorf. At the same time, it all started in fact 300 years earlier. The dispute over the right to brew and sell beer has repeatedly led to conflicts between the cities of Löbau, Görlitz and Zittau from the union of 6 cities in Saxony.

After the people of Eibau in the then Waldorf Forestry were allowed to drink the Löbau beer with impunity, and on March 25, 1963, the whole family came to the anger of the owner of Eibau Korchma, the village of Waldorf, officially founded only in 1692, and celebrated the decision of the ruler Duke George III.

This historically significant event marked the beginning of the Eibau beer procession, widely known outside of Saxony, whose festive carts are primarily dedicated to brewing traditions, but also reflect craft and cultural traditions.

Meanwhile, inspired by beer processions, Eibaurians and fans of Saxony have already passed the historical route 26 along the current route B 96 for 26 times.

Also, brass music belongs to beer processions, of course, beer itself, which in many holiday carts will be poured as a tasting.
The associations and enterprises from Eibau and the region with all their hearts and with passion organized the event brings together many individual elements in a festive procession, which is also devoted to the customs of the Upper Puddle and their culture.

Hauptstraße 62, 02739 Eibau, Deutschland

The time has come

This year, on June 30, at 11 o'clock, the 27th beer procession organized by the Kotmar community within the framework of the traditional holiday weekend, which has meanwhile become nationally known, is indispensable in the calendar of events of the Upper Puddle.
More than 100 horses, partly on horseback, partly double-, quadruple- and gear-horse carts will be luxuriously represented by breweries, as well as originally decorated holiday carts to ride around the city of Eibau.